A Letter To Self- 2023

Write an empowering letter to yourself.

New Years Goals, a letter to self this 2023

Dear Me,

What is stopping you? What beliefs are holding you back from making changes? Somewhere along the line, you may have been told something about who you are or where you are limited, and you believed it. Seek the truth and honor your God-given talents. I know… life can crush you.  The past can lead you to believe that joy and happiness are impossible for you. That past might even include choices you made and are struggling to release.

Distress and trauma may divert your energy to playing it safe and missing the beauty that was meant just for you. Seeking safety is necessary, and that is accomplished by choosing healthy people to support you and setting purposeful boundaries to protect yourself from toxic relationships. Living in truth requires change. Change is a bigger word than we may realize. There is no change without loss and there is no loss without grief, so I understand why you might be stuck.

Dear Self, I have a question for you: What if? What if you are capable of so much more?

Today is a great day to write a letter to yourself. You just might learn a lot of things about you and discover what you need to become your best self.  

Journal Questions for Self:

What do you believe about yourself?

What is it that you really desire to do the most but feel stuck?

Who are you protecting in your refusal to grow?

Does your growth threaten others?

Are you willing to do the work? It turns out that time does not heal all wounds. Doing the work “over” time is the path to healing.

p.s. Asking for professional counseling or coaching may be both necessary and advantageous to support your growth.