Healing Finger Infections Without Antibiotics

Healing Finger Infections Without Antibiotics

Healing Finger Infections Without Antibiotics. Ouch! Finger infections hurt like the Dickens! Speaking from recent experience, one little finger infection hurts worse than oral surgery or recovering from elbow surgery. Something about the dense nerve fibers that control finger sensitivity…blah blah blah. About 3 weeks ago, I began to feel tenderness in my middle right finger. I somewhat ignored the situation since, “who has time for random finger pain?” Dumb. Within 48 hours I had what was clearly a significant infection coupled with the inability to put even the slightest pressure anywhere near the tip of my “flip off” friend.

My infected finger after 1 week with no treatment

Infected, swollen, painful, middle finger

Once the realization hit that this painful infection was not going away on it’s own, I showed my finger to a dear doctor friend. He confirmed it was definitely an infection and that while soaking it in warm soapy water might alleviate some symptoms, it had most likely gotten too far in the infection stage. To be safe I would need antibiotics. UGH! I could not afford to take antibiotics because pending major mouth surgery was on my calendar two weeks later and I would need to take oral antibiotics then for sure. Nothing like the fear of disrupted guts to put me in research mode.

The Wrath of Antibiotics

While I have your attention, please know that I do not consider antibiotics the root of all evil. In fact, they are often a crucial life saving tool in the case of serious infections. The goal, however, is to save them for the most critical medical moments. Speaking of serious conditions, finger infections can certainly progress into dangerous little buggers. Paronychia, pronounced Pair-uh-nik-ē-uh is defined as a bacterial or fungal infection often occurring in fingers and toes, where the nail meets the skin. The slightest cut leaves room for germs to get in and bacteria to build up. Left untreated, infection can spread into the body. Note to self, do not pick your nails or pull a hang nail.

Antibiotics kill bacteria. Bad bacteria. Unfortunately, they also kill good bacteria in our gut (digestive tract,) and we need these little warriors to keep us healthy. Society has overused antibiotics in the past, leaving our bodies to become resistant to various doses. This has led to a vicious cycle of stronger antibiotic use, reduced healthy gut bacteria, and even stronger resistance.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca) Oil Cure

Let’s cut to the cure! After twenty-four more hours of home care attempts, including: warm soapy soaking, topical antibiotic cream, and hydrogen peroxide applications, I took to the internet to see if there was one last bit of inspiration I could find before having an antibiotic prescription called in. At this point, my finger was throbbing constantly, white puss was trying to escape, and the pain unceasing. For the love of God I hope you haven’t waited this long to start any treatment. I came across an awesome website called redandhoney.com. Seemingly a cool mom, like me…teehee, who is sharing healthy inspo and keeping it real. She tells a similar story of how she cured her finger infection with tea tree oil and not antibiotics after waiting way too long. Of course, I read this article at ten pm and what person actually has tea tree oil stashed away? As luck..serious luck…would have it, my cousin had given me a tiny sample kit of essential oils from DoTerra® Turns out, I had a teeny tiny vile with high quality tea tree oil in it. Hi God. I see you.

Twenty-Four Hours Later

Finger infection after 24 hours of using tea tree oil. Melaleuca

24 hours later the back of my middle finger improved immensely.

What is Melaleuca and why is it so amazing?

Melaleuca is commonly known as tea tree oil and has powerful anti-bacterial/anti-fungal, purifying properties. It has been used for over 100 years for many health applications, beginning in Australia. Uses include: athlete’s foot, skin rashes, itching, acne, head lice or dandruff. Other known benefits are as follows:

  • Analgesic
  • Immune support
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti parasitic
  • Antiseptic
  • Decongestant
  • Tissue Regeneration

Middle finger back to normal 2 weeks after using tea tree oil 3 times a day.

It is essential to buy a high quality, verified Melaleuca. Cheap versions with fillers simply will not work. If you have any concerns about using tea tree oil or experience adverse reactions, consult your physician. Finally, if you have an infection that does not show signs of healing quickly, do not hesitate to have your physician advise you. Please share your experiences on this blog as well. I love to hear from you.