Global Wellness Day-Top 10 List For Your Best Health

Top 10 List For Your Best Health

Top Ten Wellness Tips For Your Best Health

Global Wellness Day-Top 10 List For Your Best Health. Today June 8th, is Global Wellness Day! This is so cool because one, I happen to be writing this blog post from across the globe (I’m on vacation in Switzerland) and two, I am all about wellness!

So let’s get to it! What does the term wellness mean to you? There was a time when it would have been answered using definitive physical descriptions, but today emotional wellness is equally as important.

I want to take a moment to list what I consider to be the top 10 priorities when it comes to wellness. Give yourself a little test and see where you stand. This is a great day to re-evaluate self-care, both physically and emotionally.

This list is off my quick typing fingers based on all of the “wellness” presentations I give and what I sincerely believe to be the recipe for a healthy stable existence. Are there more points than these? Absolutely. Ten just happens to be a number people can rally behind when looking for the motivation to create personal change.

Nicole’s Top Ten List of Wellness Tips For Your Best Health

1) Sleep. Sleep is literally the ultimate starting point to wellness. I believe once you focus on sleeping well, many of the other aspects of your health will fall into place.

2) Nutrition. We are literally walking talking bio-computers made up of cells. Guess what builds your cells? Nutrients. Simply stated, we must take in high quality nutrients if we want our cells to maximize the way we feel, think, and function physically. I have so much more to write about this in another blog, but for now….think green.

3) Emotional Intelligence. IQ say what? Let’s talk EQ, emotional intelligence. It’s a buzz word and for good reason. Studies show building your emotional intelligence will actually lead to a more fulfilling life than being super off the charts educated or wealthy. Get smart emotionally first and the rest will fall into place.

4) Healthy Relationships. Sometimes what we think is an eating disorder or a substance abuse concern is actually a relationship disorder. Take a look at the most significant relationships in your life. What do they say about you and how much you value yourself? Who fills you up and who tears you down? Perhaps there is a change to be made. Are you clinging to a relationship mistake because it took so long to make and the thought of walking away from this personal investment is more overwhelming than the idea that you deserve more-that you deserve peace? Sit with these thoughts for a while.

5) Hydration. Another “sometimes” shift of thinking. Sometimes we think we are hungry, when in fact we are actually dehydrated. How much clean water are you consuming each day? Keep in mind for every caffeinated beverage a person drinks, two glasses of water are needed to help balance the system. The same general rule of thumb stands for soda. Our brains and bodies need to be hydrated to function optimally. Drink eight glasses of clean H2O a day. This is not new news. It’s necessary to nag you though.

6) Exercise. Well this is not a shocker in the top things to do for overall wellness. It’s absolutely critical to move that body. Exercise of course is one of the key steps to physical health, but let’s talk about the release of the golden happy hormones-Endorphins. If you are feeling sluggish, exercise is your best friend. Unless you are living on three-four hours of sleep. If that’s the case jump right back up to the top of this list and GO TO SLEEP. In terms of exercise, mix it up. Mix in everything from muscle strengthening to cardiovascular exercise, with stretching and yoga in between the mix.

7) Mindfulness. This is another hot buzz word and a presentation many large corporations are requesting from our Health Coaching team. Practicing mindfulness can lead to a glorious state of wellness. I will take the time in another blog to expound on this, but for now, consider the following: Deep breathing, gentle music while visually focusing on a candle flame or black and white target image, utilizing scents such as lavendar, basil, or eucalyptus, or lemon while gently stretching or taking deep breathes. Clearing your mind a daily or a few times weekly will deepen your overall wellness exponentially.

8) Purposeful Living. This is what I call Authentic Aim, my mission statement. What are you living for? Who are you living for? Studies show if we wake up with a plan to contribute to the world outside of our own needs, our level of happiness increases. There are many ways purpose plays itself out. Raising children is actually purposeful. So is donating time to a charity or a church, helping friends, or giving back in any way that takes you outside of self promotion. Find something meaningful. All steps big and small ultimately create change. What steps will you take?

9) Know Your Numbers. Quite simply, this means get your blood work done as often as necessary. Know your blood sugar levels, cholesterol, mineral levels, blood pressure, hormones, etc. Once you have a baseline for your blood work levels, you can target areas that need improvement and maintain those that are healthy. Blood test results are one of the quickest ways to see where you want to prioritize this list. For example, if you have high blood pressure, nutrition and mindfulness are two complimentary approaches to balancing these numbers.

10) Self-Care. Okay, this is really a whole bunch of the above nine items combined, but it is worth mentioning that there are additional versions of self-care that we often miss out on. I will call them versions of “therapy.” Massage therapy, beach therapy, laugh therapy, couples therapy, vacation therapy, retail therapy, animal therapy, and if all else fails…chocolate therapy! Basically, in self-care we are looking for whatever it may be that recharges us. For me it is often total silence, for my husband it is absolutely big time socializing. Yes, after 29 years together we are still trying to work through this difference. Bottom line, find your personal therapy and make it happen. Calendar it if you must.

There we have it. My top ten list of wellness tips. Get started today. Global Wellness Day needs your support.