Aim on. Consider a circle. It’s a perfect shape, unless you are relentlessly turning in one, as if on a hamster wheel. No matter what your personal background is, you most likely have a to-do list a mile long. It may include marriage, raising children, a full-time job, parents to care for, and a whole host of additional, unmentioned responsibilities.

Our stories are similar. I know this because we talk. The details may be different, but it sure feels like we are co-exist on a similar continuum. Allow me to list the ways: work, illness, heartbreak, loneliness, financial strain, yo-yo dieting, project incompletion, children, loved ones, etc.

How do we alter our direction and step outside of our circle? What will it take to move in a forward direction, even if it means incremental change? AIM ON is a call to action. It is my tag line, dedicated to inspire change, no matter what roadblocks have kept you circling your goals, but perpetually missing the bullseye.

In considering everything I’ve experienced over the past 30 years about nutrition, fitness, products, and mental wellness, I have set out to make a difference in the lives around me.

The ultimate win for most of us it to live a life of unapologetic authenticity. Having similar core values means we AIM ON, in the most realistic version of ourselves, with no masks of perfection. Many of us are suffering; some silently. My most precious friends, as we speak, are struggling with deep depression, food and substance abuse, marital affairs or death, and life-altering illnesses. There is simply no time for pretend, and I pray we will make a decision to move forward together.

I want to thank you for taking this journey forward with me. Change is not an event, it’s a process. Lyndon B. Johnson said, “Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time.” Next month, next year…it’s coming whether we stay on the hamster wheel or take the steps to improve our lives. Write down the first thing that comes to mind when asked what your goals are. Maybe it’s more than one. Big or small, take a step.