Compostic Home Resealable Sandwich Bags


  • 100% HOME COMPOSTABLE: compostic resealable gallon bags are just like the resealable bags you know and love, only much better for our environment. once you’ve used them and re-used them for storing your food, marinating that steak, or keeping those nuts and bolts in one place, you can pop them in your compost and they’ll break down within 12-24 weeks. that’s faster than an orange peel!
  • PLASTIC ALTERNATIVE AND SAFE: go guilt free with compostics certified home compostable resealable gallon bags! all of our products are non-toxic – that means no GMOs and BPA-free, and most importantly, free of any traditional plastic!!
  • DURABLE AND REUSEABLE: believe it or not, our compostic resealable bags are much stronger than plastic so feel free to use it for any type of material. simply open the air-tight zip seal, place in your contents and seal closed again to keep food fresh for as long as you need! we are also microwave and freezer safe. use me, reuse me, home compost me.
  • COMPOSTABLE PACKAGING: all of our products are only printed with soy or water based inks, to remain compost friendly. they’ll be ok on your shelf for about 12 months before they start to lose durability. we don’t want them around forever remember! store them in a cool, dry place, such as a cupboard or draw and you’ll have plenty of time to use them.
  • CERTIFIED AND NON-TOXIC: compostic bags are certified to the strictest home composting standard available – AS5810 – which goes beyond other tests to ensure products are not toxic to worms and therefore can be placed in your worm farms at home. compostic resealable bags also adhere to European standard EN 13432, and American standard ASTM D 6400. it is food safe, and tested by Intertek to SGS standards for freezer safety. all organic ingredients are certified GMO free.


Compostic Home Compostable Resealable Sandwich Bags – Eco Friendly, Reusable, Zero Waste, Non-toxic, Guilt-Free – Plastic Alternative for Earth Friendly Food Storage – (7″x7″) 100 Bags (2 Pack)



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