The Power of Language in Trauma Healing

Language and vocabulary have the power to help you heal from trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, and heartbreak

Today I want to talk about the power of language and the role it plays in healing. Whether you are healing from complex trauma, addiction, heartbreak, or even a recent heated argument with a loved one or coworker, learning the definitions of key words that apply to your circumstances can help you understand what is happening internally. This will help you be more proactive in your own healing and give you the actual language to communicate better with others. 

If you are in recovery or seeking recovery from emotional wounding, trauma or addiction, working with a professional therapist is very important. In addition, I want to encourage you to learn as much as you can about your own circumstances, from credible authors and professional websites. Knowledge will help you recognize what is actually occurring in your own brain and body. This will give you the vocabulary to make sense of your fears and feelings, and empower you to heal further. Our brains are incredible protectors and incredible healers and I want us to give ourselves every opportunity to not just survive in this life, but to thrive

I’ve included credible science-backed resources in the links below. I also have links in my shop to books that can help you get started.

Aim Oń

The Rewired Brain by Dr. Ski Chilton

Internal Family Systems by Frank G Anderson, MD et al.

Dr. Kevin Skinner on Betrayal Trauma